Terms of Services

Read MR-CFD’s Terms, written by our CEO, explaining these laws in detail.


When obtaining the contract, the time that you want to receive your project should be determined. (For example: in two weeks)

Modeling software, meshing, and analysis should be clearly identified. (If it is not selected, the expert members of the company will decide on the software)

All requests and everything you want from the company should be written clearly. (Including mesh independence, validation, etc.)

The initial cost will be received as a prepayment of 30% to 50%.

In the case of cancellation request on a project, prepayment will not be refunded in any way.

After the completion of each project, the results are sent to you and if it is confirmed by you, the rest have cost, and simulation files will be sent to you. Simulation training of the project will do to you.

This company is active in any of the three fields, industrial, academic, and research and is ready to provide the services. The main focus of the academic field accelerates the training and simulation tasks, Therefore, the provision of services in this field include modeling, simulation files, results and specialized training work.

The work done by the company will be trained by means of communication software.

It should be noted that after the confirmation of the results of the simulation, reform or refund it is not possible. (Be sure to check the authenticity of the results of the simulation before the payment)

In order to keep track of the status of the project, you can take action through the company Web site.

If for any reason, any phase of the project can’t be simulated correctly, phase’s cost will be refunded completely.

Determine the simulation type (industrial, academic, research, etc.) before obtaining a full contract.

Write your email address and your country, please.

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